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Ishikawa 923-1121


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KutaniyakiSakaiHyakkaen history 
Founded 1946
Engaged in the Kutani accessories was unusual for its time.
1975 December utility model acquisition (Patent Office approval)

Corporate philosophy posture

Taking advantage of the tradition of Kutani, tilt the mind to a new creation, will continue to devote every day and if you can contribute to the improvement of the rich time of people throughout the product production.

Attitude to the customer dealings like

- To join the PL insurance

· JAN acquisition of code

And acquisition of the common customer code

And country of origin to obtain a certificate such as trade relations certificate

And acquisition of the D-U-N-S Number

Ishikawa Prefecture Consumer participation in the support center's seminar

And consultation destination of clarification

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Consumer Agency

Ministry of the Environment

Ishikawa prefectural government

Ishikawa Prefectural Industrial Creation Organization

Ishikawa Prefecture Kutani Technology Center


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FY2011 Fukushima TV Co., Ltd. customer satisfaction award (Fukushima Prefecture)

FY2011 Corporation Miyazakiyamakataya Sales Excellence Award (Miyazaki)

2012 Co., Ltd. Yamagataya Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award (Kagoshima Prefecture)

2012 Ishikawa brand (Ishikawa Prefectural Government) certification awarded Shanxi No. 46

FY2013 Ishikawa brand (Ishikawa Prefectural Government) certification awarded Shanxi No. 37

FY2013 Corporation Fukudaya Utsunomiya Fighting Spirit Award Winners (Tochigi Prefecture)

2014 Ishikawa brand (Ishikawa Prefectural Government) certification awarded Shanxi No. 46


2016 fiscal Ishikawa brand (Ishikawa Prefectural Government) certification awarded No. 28-38

Privacy Policy

customers in our shop to do, history and which is available, your name, address, using the contact information such as e-mail address.
4) In order to make our service improvement, the results of opinion and questionnaires that were received from customers, using, for example, your usage history.
5) requests from our customers, in order to make the answer to your query, and then use your name, address, contact information, such as your e-mail address.
2. For the management of personal information
Our shop will manage personal information in the following system.
1) it will establish an internal system necessary in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and guidelines.
2) to limit the use of personal information necessary for employees only to the business, to make the rules for such as the storage and management of media that contain personal information, and take preventive measures for the protection of personal information.
3) personal information that is stored in the system, only the employees as needed for business is to prepare an account and password so that you can use, and enforce access rights management. It should be noted that the account and password leaks, and strictly managed so that there is no loss.
4) because of the security at the time of data transmission related to personal information via the Internet, you can use the SSL is an encryption communication of the industry standard to the required Web page.
5) the assumption that does not cause trouble to the service, after a certain period of time has elapsed from the time of receipt of personal information, personal information will continue to remove at any time.
About 3. third party offer
When ordering, this privacy policy the top of understanding, 1.6), 7 top of agree that the provision of information described is made in), you will be ordered.
4. For disclosure of personal information
1) The Company, unless your consent, does not disclose personal information to third parties. However, if the following case is not as long as that.
- On the basis of the laws and regulations if there is a request from public institutions such as courts and police
• If there is a special provision in the laws and regulations
· There are customers and may impair the life, body and property of a third party, if you can not get the consent of the person
· Laws and from action contrary to our Terms of Use notes, our rights, it is necessary to protect or defend the property or service, if you can not get the consent of the person
2) If there is a request for disclosure of personal information from customers, it will disclose only if it is confirmed to be a person.
Note: The identification of the way
Those that can be proven to be a person (driver's license, such as insurance card) a copy of, please choose your mailed to the Company.
We will check the contents, as soon as it is clear that a person, you will be disclosed
[Our shop for the customers of credit and trust will do our best. ]
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